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One of the most exciting and inspiring experience is to visit new places. Once you get to Sicily, you’ll be able to feel several rhythms, flavors, smells, colour and music, all of feelings that will show you a new perspective on life. In everyday life and even more on holiday, understanding of what you see is the key of everything. It may become a problem when you’re in a place with different languages and different customs than yours.

Southern Sicily Way translates Sicily’s own conflicting realities and it comes to the rescue of anyone who wants to know and live in this wonderful land

Just follow our lead and enjoy Sicilian life!


Southern Sicily Way‘s team is made up of young professionals and expert in the field of tourism, accomodation and cultural mediation.

The excellent knowledge of Sicilian traditions and our experience in English language allow us to assist you in discovering the treasure beyond the “Sicilian postcard”, specifically designed for the tourist.


Southern Sicily Way – Sicily Holidays
Via San Marco 24 Avola (Siracusa)
Sicily, Italy

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Change your point of view about Sicily. Let’s look for safety and fun: houses, land, food and experiences.
Professional support in administrative procedures and worldliness. We can meet your needs. Let’s come to Sicily and enjoy a unique and relaxing experience.
Discover the Val di Noto: Cavagrande del Cassibile, Vendicari, Calamosche, Marzamemi, Portopalo, Noto, Avola.
Personalized itineraries: Natural attractions & scenery, history and culture.