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Elisa Lorefice, CEO e Founder

Hello, my name is Elisa Lorefice. I was born and raised in Sicily. I translate the “Sicilian lifestyle” through the passion and the love I feel for my land in order to communicate these feelings to those who arrive in Sicily.

I’ll try to help them understand and find their place in this corner of paradise.

After years of living away from my homeland and severely criticizing it, I came back madly in love with Sicily.

“Southern Sicily Way” was born from the need to communicate to others, who don’t know it yet, the right way to live in Sicily with taste, creativity and innovation without losing sight of the ancient traditions in terms of style and customs.


Alberto Zacco, Co-founder

Hello, my name is Alberto Zacco. I was born in Milan and I did the opposite of what people usually do: I moved from the North, down to the South – where I grew up and where I still live today.

Although it was a “complicated relationship” at first, I now love Sicily and I’ve been looking for the ways to enhance my land that is full of history, colour and civilization.

My friend Elisa gave me the opportunity, by the foundation of this beautiful project which I wish to contribute to.

“Southern Sicily Way” means sharing my path with those who come to Sicily, by allowing them to be “touched” by my beloved land.

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Southern Sicily Way – Sicily Holidays
Via San Marco 24 Avola (Siracusa)
Sicily, Italy

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Email us: southernsicilyway@gmail.com
Mobile: 0039 – 320 85 99 247

Change your point of view about Sicily. Let’s look for safety and fun: houses, land, food and experiences.
Professional support in administrative procedures and worldliness. We can meet your needs. Let’s come to Sicily and enjoy a unique and relaxing experience.
Discover the Val di Noto: Cavagrande del Cassibile, Vendicari, Calamosche, Marzamemi, Portopalo, Noto, Avola.
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